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What is agency service for branch office

1. Agency service overview
Considering the reality of small and medium-sized export companies in Korea and overseas, which have difficulties collecting information for international markets with limited experience in law, accounting and finance in the United States, Korea, China, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, etc., we act as international branches of these companies.
The agency service accurately applies the business strategies and policies of the executives of export companies in South America, China, Korea, the Middle East and South Asia in practice. In fact, we perform more roles and functions than international branches of large corporations.
By using Collection Simple's information, financial, and organizational strategies, we discover and select high-quality buyers and provide direct support to export companies in their home countries in pioneering international markets.
2. Agency service details
1) Basic service
International market information service
*Information related to recent major international markets
*Trade trend information, technology information, industry information, consumer trend information and discovery for buyers
Buyer discovery service
*Discovery for high-quality buyers
(Selecting of high-quality buyers using HCI credit score and in-house information data)
*High-quality buyer connection and DIRECTORY
Export consultations
* Export consultations (INQUIRY, OFFER, QUOTATION)
*SAMPLE exports and management services
Local SALES support
*Local SALES activity support
* Local SALES activity support for employees on business trips from the headquarters
Import/export customs clearance support
*Export and import customs clearance support
*Importer INSPECTION and quality CLAIM FOLLOW-UP
Management service for existing buyers
*Existing customer management and daily business contact
*Support for follow-up management activities for additional orders
2) Additional services
Market Research
*Extensive market research for specific items
* Overall industry trend, price information, quality information, technical information, cost information, competitor information, future market trend information
Credit evaluation for buyers
*Credit information evaluation for new and existing buyers
*Credit information evaluation for companies
(Identification, banking information, business information, financial information, property information, purchasing information, payment information, court and public information)
* Credit information evaluation for representatives
(Identification, career and educational background information, property information, personal credit score information, credit transaction information, industry reputation, etc.)
Debt collection service for export payments
*Debt collection service for unpaid export payments
*Property information tracking of importers and representatives and executing legal actions ? Cooperation with
*Identification of the location of international fugitives and property investigations
Purchasing agency service
*Purchasing agency service for raw materials and products
*New material information, new technology information, global price comparison information
Incorporation agency and visa acquisition service (directly linked with lawyers in each country)
*Local factory establishment and operation agency service (including local factories in third countries)
*Local corporation establishment agency and follow-up management service
*CPA service, corporate accounting settlement, tax data preparation and reporting agency service
*IRS tax audit and custody
Local investment and financial settlements
*Local investment and visa acquisition service through branch offices (E2, L1) - Cooperation with Simple Low Office (US standard)
*Information related to local Joint-Venture investment
*Local financial settlements and follow-up management service (PROJECT FINANCING)
*M&A consultations
Local sales agency service
*Local sales agency service (SimpleTouchGroup directly involved in import/export contract)
*Installation and operation of local permanent exhibition halls (operated by dedicated consulting personnel assigned)
*Local salesmen recruitment and providing offices spaces
Local management training and advertising agency service (ST Entertainment agency)
*Local management training service for management of headquarters (excursion to advanced companies, etc.)
*Local advertising agency service and exhibitions by industry
*Composition of international market pioneering exporters (focused on exporters from the home country)
*Composition of purchasing delegation (focused on US buyer companies)