Systematic personalization
Debt Collection Management Service

This is the task of exercising the right to indemnify the debtor on behalf of the creditor, such as a property investigation on the debtor, urging for payment, or receipt of payment, with respect to the bad debt that occurred during commercial transactions.

Scientific Consulting
Credit Correction Services

We collect, organize, and analyze credit information of individuals and corporations (individual entrepreneurs) and provide them to clients or provide credit information according to inquiries from clients.

Debt Collection Management

Find money (bonds) that you did not receive, through a legal process


Credit Correction

Credit report analysis and credit recovery step by step


Credit Report Inquiry

Tasks that help smooth debt collection

About Us

We are a professional debt collection agency and a credit report and loan consulting firm composed of industry experts. Credit has become one of the most important things in American life. Many Korean Americans do not manage their credit properly due to insufficient knowledge of credit and the difficulties of a busy US immigration life. Also, it is essential to conduct a transaction with an accurate credit check on the counterparty, such as credit rating, asset status, business performance, and financial statements when operating a business in the United States or internationally.....MORE

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