About Us

Thank you for visiting Collection Simple.

1. Scientific structured system
Collection Simple uses an integrated computerized system to computerize various works of customer information, sales management, and credit check, becoming the industry standard for credit information.
In addition, Collection Simple offers to check the debt collection progress online, which allows customers to visit our website to correctly enter an ID and a password and see any real time progress of the debt collection service in person.
2. Various services, professional and legal, provided
Collection Simple provides our customers with a multitude of professional services, including debt collection management, credit correction, access to credit information, everyday life credit information, agent service for branch office, legal debt collection, and credit for trading partner.
3. Strong manpower to provide best services
Our professional staffs at Collection Simple are the best hands-on and legal specialists with sound expertise and rich experiences.
This complete organization with a pool of high-performing talents provides outstanding services.
4. Affordable and reasonable cost
Collection Simple guarantees the satisfaction for our customers. We doní»t charge any service fees for no collection.
All fees are charged, based on the collect-first-pay-later, for 30% of the recovered monies upon completing the debt recovery.
(except for paying other parties for additional charges of legal counseling and court fees)
In addition, we show our prices for other service charges to provide professional services at affordable and reasonable costs.