Service Introduction

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What are the procedures for the debt collection service?
1. Requesting debt collection
- Submit (by mailing or in-person visit) a request for foreign debt collection and debt documentations (proof)
2. Receiving the notification of delegation approval
- The public corporation reviews the documents, including a request for collection and an application form, and mails out a notification for delegation approval
3. Proceeding with the collection work for a foreign debtor (non-U.S.)
- The collection activities involve the public corporation, foreign network, export insurance institution and debt collection institution.
- The creditor will be consulted in advance to proceed with any legal procedures other than common collection procedures, if necessary
- Check for the debt collection progress: online check or written notification, if necessary
4. Recovering debt
- Recovered money will be deposited less fees (calculated based on actual recovered amount) to the creditor¡¯s account.
- Fee rates are written in the notification of approval.
5. Closing the debt collection
- The debt is fully recovered, or an additional recovery is not feasible after partial recovery.
- Debt collection failed or is not feasible